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What is Changa? The Truth About Smokeable Ayahuasca Changa is fairly new compared to the centuries-old ayahuasca tradition—but both are ways to consume DMT. dmt for sale la vieja changa Table of Contents In many ways, exploring psychedelics involves opening your mind to the one thing that human beings fear most: death. And while it […]

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Chemically, DMT is twelve carbon atoms, sixteen hydrogens and a couple of nitrogens, arranged in two rings and a tail. If you had some in your hand it would look like a clear or white crystalline powder.dmt extraction On a molecular level it’s very similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin – the so called ‘pleasure chemical’ – which […]

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A Brief History of DMT In terms of Western culture, DMT was first synthesized by a Canadian chemist, Richard Manske, in 1931 (Manske, 1931) but was, at the time, not assessed for human pharmacological effects. In 1946 the microbiologist Oswaldo Gonçalves de Lima discovered DMT’s natural occurrence in plants (Goncalves de Lima, 1946). DMT’s hallucinogenic […]

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